Open to Away by Brummie


This pattern is a staple in ultimate, and worth practicing. Often referred to as a ‘V’ cut due to the sharp change of direction.

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A handler, A, starts with the disc in the middle of the width of the field, marked by D1. A cutter, B, starts 5-10m downfield of A.


D1 > A > B

Step 1

Image of Open to Away
  • B cuts underneath


  • Brummie says:

    This drill shows the pattern when the cutter comes into the open lane before going deep. For throws that originate towards the break side, see Diagonal Away Throw to Straight Cut (trap force).

    This throw can be tricky; some players prefer to throw a curved pass over the opposite shoulder

    Try moving D1 by faking the around break first to give yourself more space to throw

    V-cuts feature a sharp change of direction, and are ideal for shaking off defenders. Ensure that you sprint the cut underneath and practice planting hard before turning and accelerating away

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