Open or Break by Brummie


Allows the cutter to cut under either on the break side or the open side, and teaches the thrower to react quickly to opportunities

Breaking the markCutting towards the discDecision making
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A handler, A, starts with the disc in the middle of the width of the field, marked by D1. A cutter, B, starts 5-10m downfield of A, guarded by D2.


D1 > A > D2 > B

Step 1

Image of Open or Break


  • Brummie says:

    B can use some tricks to get open, but should aim for a single decisive cut

    This is just as much a drill for A; they need to get used to reacting quickly to the options available and completing the pass to B

    If you are struggling, try initiating movement by running directly at the disc, *then* turning. This makes it harder for the defender as they are back-pedalling.

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