Mirror Defending by Dominick Smyth


While the attacker tries to cover a large area, the defender aims to mirror their movements but in a smaller space.

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Mark out two squares – the first, roughly 10m a side; the second, roughly 5m a side.

The attacker works in the larger square with the defender in the smaller square.


Attacker > Defender

Step 1

Image of Mirror Defending
  • Attacker tries to touch a cone before defender touches the corresponding cone.
  • Attacker can change direction and target cone at any time.


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    As the defender, aim to mirror the attackers movement, not anticipate.

    The attacker can change direction at any time, the challenge for the defender is to react and change direction themselves as quickly as possible.

    Defenders should always try to be ready for the next change of direction. Over committing in one direction can make it easy for the attacker to change direction without the defender able to react.

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