Mark and Break by Jodie Palmer


3 handlers on offence attempt to swing the disc across the field while the mark and break use body positioning to prevent the throws.

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Three handlers set up across the full width of a pitch.
Two defenders, a mark, and a break, take position to prevent dump and swing passes between the handlers. The handlers should try to limit their movement to roughly 15m up and down the pitch.


Break > Mark > Handler > Handler > Handler

Step 1

Image of Mark and Break
  • The handlers throw swings between themselves while the mark and break try to stop the swing passes with their positioning.
  • The mark’s job is to stop the pass to the break side dump.
  • The break’s job is to stop the pass to the break side swing handler.
  • When the disc is in the middle of the field the mark and break work together to push the disc back to the force side.

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  • Jodie Palmer says:

    At the beginning, the handlers may need to hold the disc for a few seconds after receiving a pass to allow the defenders to catch up and set up.

    You can allow varying levels of movement from the offence to make it more or less difficult for the defenders.

    No overheads allowed at this stage.

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