Humans v Zombies by Dominick Smyth


Running Humans play against shuffling Zombies. This fun game teaches Humans about running into space to get away from opponents and having to defend against multiple opponents simultaneously. Zombies learn about getting the disc to an unmarked opponent when attacking and positioning themselves to minimise the space available to the Humans.

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Start as a normal game with one team as Humans and the other as Zombies. Zombies should start with 2 or 3 extra players (ie 7v4 on a small pitch or 10v7 on a large pitch).


As with any game, after a score play stops and teams change ends. After 6-8 points, pick new Humans and restart the game.

Step 1

Image of Humans v Zombies
  • One team are the Humans, they are allowed to run and jump as normal.
  • The other team are the Zombies, they are only allowed shuffle (in search of brains!).
  • If the Humans score twice in a row, the Zombies chooses one Human to swap teams and join them.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Dominick Smyth says:

    When attacking, the Human team should look to use their running ability to get away from the Zombies. When defending, they will need to try stop multiple opponents so should position themselves to best use their speed to intercept passes.

    When attacking, the Zombies should use their numerical advantage by spreading out and forcing the Humans to cover more space. When defending, the extra numbers allow the Zombies to cover more space thus reducing the Humans options.

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