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Using a basic rule set, and an expansion from the simplified rules, teams play games in a manner closer to the full rule set. This rule set, pitch dimensions and player numbers can be gradually expanded as ability increases.

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Basic pitch, 18m x 18m x 6m. This size can be adjusted as players skills and confidence increases.
Objective is to catch disc in endzone to score a point.
Rule 1: Game is self-refereed. Players are responsible for playing by and enforcing the rules on themselves and each other.
Rule 2: When in posession of disc, must stand still.
Rule 3: Non-contact at all times.
Rule 4: If a player throws a pass, someone on their team must catch it. Otherwise it is a turn over.
Rule 5: After a score the game stops. Teams change ends and begin a new point with the scoring team throwing to the other team to begin the next point.


Throw (pull) to start point. After score, teams go to scoring area opposite where they started. For the next point, teams play in the opposite direction from previous point. Each point begins with the scorers of the previous point throwing/pulling to the other team.

Step 1

Image of Game
  • To start each point, the team that scored last throws to the other team.
  • After a score, the scoring team stays in the endzone they scored in and the other team goes to the opposite endzone.
  • The next point begins with another pull and teams play the point going in the opposite direction to last time.


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Expanding on the simplified rule set, participants play games closer in size and format of full games.

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