Game – simplified rules by Dominick Smyth


A simplified game to introduce the objectives of ultimate as well as basic rules.

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Basic pitch, 18m x 18m x 6m.
Objective is to catch disc in endzone to score a point.
Rule 1: When in possession of disc, must stand still.
Rule 2: Non-contact at all times.
Rule 3-A: A team is allowed 2 drops but can pick up and play on. After third drop, other team gets possession.
Rule 3-B: If a player attempts to catch and is only person to touch disc, they are allowed pick it up and play on. If no attempt to catch, or disc touched by defedner, possession is turned to other team.
Rule 3-C: If a player throws a pass, someone on their team must catch it. Otherwise it is a turn over.
Start with rule 3-A or 3-B depending on conditions and group for 1st game. Subsequent games should use rule 3-C.


Pull to start game. After score, drop disc. Other team picks up disc and starts attacking.

Step 1

Image of Game - simplified rules
  • Team A throws disc to Team B to start the game.

Step 2

Image of Game - simplified rules
  • Team B pass to each other attempting to move to endzone.

Step 3

Image of Game - simplified rules
  • After a score or change of possession, Team A picks up disc and passes to each other moving towards endzone.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Objective is for participants to be attempting to pass to each other, move towards endzone and play by rules.

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