Frisbee Fluency by Dominick Smyth


A series of actions to get people familiar, comfortable and confident with discs and catching. Also introduces main catching types - clap, high and low.

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Each participant gets a disc. All participants should look to have arms reach clearance in all directions.

Step 1

Image of Frisbee Fluency
  • With picture down, bounce disc off thigh and catch
  • Alternative - hold disc in one hand, make a fist with other hand, hit disc up into air and catch.

Step 2

Image of Frisbee Fluency
  • Hold disc in one hand, waist height, with fingers underneath and thumb on top.
  • Flip disc, like flipping a pancake, and attempt to catch in same position.
  • Progression - same but with other hand.
  • Progression - same but with both hands.

Step 3

Image of Frisbee Fluency
  • Disc resting on finger tips of bad hand, eye level or higher, with picture up. Strong hand ready to catch with fingers higher than thumb.
  • Drop disc and catch with strong hand.
  • Alternative - Keep disc still before catching to familiarise with feeling.
  • Progression - Rest disc on fingers of strong hand and catch with strong hand. Requires turning wrist while disc is in air.
  • Progression - same but catching with bad hand.
  • Progression - same but with picture down.

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  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Ideally each participant has a disc but a 3:2 or 2:1 ratio also works.

    While some participants will be comfortable immediately, attention should be given to less confident participants.

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