Faking & Pivoting by Brummie


A fundamental skill that can be practiced alone or in pairs

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Fix your pivot foot and visualise your target; for a left-handed thrower, use your right foot as a pivot; a right-handed thrower would use their left foot as pivot.



Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Brummie says:

    Your aim is to practice moving your (imaginary) marker. You should therefore focus on staying balanced and stick to throwing from a position that you can comfortably complete passes

    This is something that you can practice alone, but you can also incorporate into all drills

    A good fake looks like a it could be a real throw; practice stepping out and going through the entire process of throwing, but without releasing the disc.

    Ensure your fakes match your normal release points. Intelligent markers won't fall for fakes that don't look like your real throws.

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