Cross-field Away Throw – Back Side by Brummie


A spectacular throw popularised by the Japanese team Buzz Bullets, this throw involves throwing diagonally across the field, and against the mark

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A handler, A, starts with the disc near the sideline, marked by D1.  A cutter, B, stands 5-10m downfield and in the middle of the width of the field, facing A.


D1 > A > B

Step 1

Image of Cross-field Away Throw – Back Side
  • B cuts directly towards the back of the field; cutting directly towards the far side of the field makes for a more difficult throw as the space shrinks quickly
  • A throws early, aiming for the far side of the field
  • Once the disc has been thrown, B adjusts their cut to go fetch the disc
  • N.B. right-handed forehand shown in this diagram

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  • Brummie says:

    Pivot to face your target. For the back-side throw, pivot diagonally backwards.

    Shape the throw. It will need a definite outside-in curve in order to slow down and hold up for the receiver. Just be wary of showing the underside of the disc to the wind; when throwing into the wind, deliberately angling the disc like this makes the wind act as a brake, slowing the disc down. When throwing downwind, you’ll want to aim high to slow the disc down.

    Cut straight. If you head for the back cone too early, you’ll reduce the amount of width that the thrower has to work with. Instead, cut directly deep until the disc is thrown, then go fetch! By cutting directly downfield, you’ll also enable the thrower to throw the more conventional “straight” throw as well as cross-field… the marker can’t stop both.

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