Clear and In by Dominick Smyth


Show and practice the basic concept of "clearing" out of one part of the pitch in order to make space for other team mates to run into and catch a pass.

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A thrower, A, starts with the disc. 1st receiver, B, sets up 10-15m in front of thrower and slightly to one side (diagram shows left side so as to favour a backhand throw). 2nd receiver, C, sets up another 10-15m away and slightly to the opposite side of the thrower.


A > B > C

Step 1

Image of Clear and In
  • On a given signal, B moves across the playing area.


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Encourage B and C to acknowledge each other before they start moving. C is only able to get the disc if B is willing to move out of the space. It is important that players recognise this effort by their teammates.

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