Beating poaches in side stack by Beau Kittredge


Side stack gives a huge amount of field space for an offence to work in. Many teams will counter this by using multiple defenders to clog up the cutting lanes, so this drill teaches how to play against this defence.

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Have a handler, A, in the middle of the goal line marked by D1. The remaining offensive players all stand on one side of the field, no further than 15m from the disc.


Ensure that offensive players take turns acting as A, B and C. It is important that the defence doesn’t know which player is going to perform which role. Likewise, the defence should take turns acting as the marker D1 and the poach D2.

Step 1

Image of Beating poaches in side stack
  • If they do poach. Have the first cut engage the under poach and the 2nd cutter fill in that area that is open.


  • Beau Kittredge says:

    Once a team starts poaching, be happy because that means you have one person not covered.

    Communicate the poached player and aim to keep the disc moving; defenders will find it more difficult to poach effectively when the disc keeps changing position.

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