3v1 Game by Dominick Smyth


3 attackers against 1 defender creates mismatches for the attackers to try to exploit. With the numerical advantage, the attackers should succeed - can they?

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In a rectangular pitch area roughly 6m x 12m, 3 attackers start on one narrow side. 1 defender starts in middle of pitch area.


3 Attackers > 1 stays as Defender > 3 new Attackers

Step 1

Image of 3v1 Game
  • 3 attackers start at one side of small pitch area with defender in the middle.

Step 2

Image of 3v1 Game
  • Attackers move around pitch area trying to catch disc past final cones to succeed.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    With only 1 defender, they will not be able to stop all 3 attackers. The attackers should look to pass to whomever is not being defended.

    With larger groups it may be practical to break into groups of 6-8 participants with 3 new attackers for each iteration.

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