3 Person Drill by Brummie


A simple drill that gets people taking on a straight up mark and provides lots of repetitions in a short period of time

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A handler, A, starts with the disc, marked by C. Another offensive player, B, starts 3-8m downfield of A.


Receiver > Thrower > Marker

Step 1

Image of 3 Person Drill
  • A throws to B

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Brummie says:

    Wait for the marker to check the disc in before throwing

    Don't just run in, approach slow and low to ensure that the mark is effective

    One way to get more throwing (and less running) is for each thrower to have a set number of goes before rotating: 3-5 works well.
  • Mario O’Brien says:

    Throw using 0 or 1 fakes. This is more game realistic, teaches you to quickly take on the mark and be more able to take advantage of opportunities on the break side. It also teaches the mark to read real thrower movements. If you don’t throw in 0 or 1 fakes, reset to yourself, try again.
  • Caroline Ma says:

    Keeping the same mark for 5 throws means the throwing should get increasingly harder because the marks will figure out which throws are favoured.

    If you have a skilled group, to consolidate this drill better, tell participants they are not allowed to throw above the mark’s arm. This limits the amount of bad quality high release or overhead throws.

    Can decrease the stall count from 10 if the group is doing well.

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