3 Person Drill – with a Moving Receiver by Jodie Palmer


Players practice setting up as the mark and adjusting their positioning to shut down the throw to a moving dump.

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A thrower, A, starts with the disc, marked by C. A receiver, B, starts 3-8m downfield of A.


Receiver > Thrower > Marker

Step 1

Image of 3 Person Drill - with a Moving Receiver
  • The thrower attempts to pass to the receiver.
  • The receiver can slowly walk around in any direction.
  • The mark adjusts their positioning based on where the receiver is to try and prevent the throw.


  • Jodie Palmer says:

    The receiver should slowly walk around on the break side to try and open up space.

    The marker should look to continually adjust their body positioning so as to constantly make the throwers task as difficult as possible.

    The handler can use the movement of the dump to their advantage by throwing to space, rather than always trying to hit the receiver like you would in the standard 3 Person Drill

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