3 Box Drill by Jodie Palmer


The 3 box drill allows wings and deeps to practice prioritising threats and containing offensive flow as a unit.

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Mark 3 rectangles. The first is horizontal with the second and third vertical and positioned below the first. The bigger the boxes, the harder it will be for the defenders. A defensive player sets up in each box, and for the duration of the drill they are only allowed in their respective boxes.


Box 1 > Box 2 > Box 3 > Offense (x3)

Step 1

Image of 3 Box Drill
  • 3 offensive players begin at the start line.
  • They then pass the disc between themselves using regular Ultimate rules and staying within the outer boundary of the drill with the aim of reaching the finish line at the opposite end of the boxes.
  • The aim for the defence is to prioritise the offensive threats and work together as a unit to try and slow down the offence while being restricted to their respective areas.
  • A stretch goal for the defence can be to try and generate a turnover.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Jodie Palmer says:

    Boxes 1 and 2 simulate space that wings would cover, and box 3 simulates space that a deep would cover.

    This drill simulates the in-game scenario where the offense has broken through the cup and it is up to the wings and deep to slow down the offensive flow until the cup can catch up and regain defensive control.

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