Flik Ultimate presents

Elite Skills Clinic 2018

Bath Pavilion, BA2 4EU

11th August 2018

09:00 - 16:00

Cost: £35

Are you interested in playing for GB? Maybe 2018 is the year for you to apply for u24s, or the senior squads.

Perhaps you've played for years and never made the jump, or maybe you're a good university level player looking for a taste of what it's like to play and train with the national team.

Sessions are being designed for players who are thinking of attending GB trials for the first time later this year. The day will be appropriate for strong Uni players, or club players who have had little or no access to training with elite players and teams.

There are also a number of places for people who would like to participate in the day from the perspective of a coach - with that group working alongside the drills, games and discussions. "Coaching-participants" will be able to join in as players for much of the activity.

The clinic is in NO WAY linked to GB trials, and we do not want to limit attendance. If you want to attend but are concerned you don't meet the description above please get in touch to ask.

"I went to a training camp where Brummie was coaching for a few days, and it was incredible. The fundamentals of Ultimate were explained properly to me, and it gave me a real insight into the secret lives of elite Ultimate players. Brummie has a great understanding of the game, but also a great understanding of how to coach effectively, encouraging players to improve and explore new ideas. It’s great being coached by someone who can talk the talk because they walked the walk. I have to partly attribute getting onto the GB U23 Mixed team to Brummie, who helped me not only with in-game skills, but also with fitness suggestions."

Previous ESC Participant

Train better. Play better.

Topics will include:

playing better positional defence (the #1 thing you can do to increase your chances of making GB is to play better defence!)

tips for hucking successfully

dealing with physicality

being a better receiver; how to score more goals

learning new tactics, strategies and how to play effectively as a team

Train better. Play better.

All our coaches are current or former GB players and/or coaches; they've been there before and know how to help you.

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Cost: £35

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