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One of the most fundamental throws in ultimate, the backhand

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A thrower should pivot off the opposite leg than their throwing arm; a left-handed thrower should pivot off their right foot, and a right-handed thrower should pivot off their left foot.

Keeping your pivot foot on the floor, step the other foot over to the far side of your pivot foot while still looking at your target. This will cause your body to turn sideways on to the target.

A thrower should only step out as far as they can while still maintaining balance. If they are unbalanced then the throw is likely to be unstable.

Try to maintain an upright torso with your weight evenly distributed. This will enable the thrower to pivot faster and maintain their balance better.

Body Position

A good throw starts from the hips, with the thrower twisting their body to generate more spin. Note how the thrower’s hips are facing away from the target as the disc is brought backwards, then the hips and torso rotate towards the target at the point of release.

The core is engaged throughout the motion. A tightly engaged core ensures that the maximum torque is transferred from the hips, through the torso and into the arms.

Arm and Wrist

The faster the arm speed, the quicker the disc will fly. The harder the wrist snap, the more spin will be applied to the disc. More spin helps the discs to cut through the air faster, ensuring a more stable flight path.

The disc is drawn backwards prior to the throw; this enables the thrower to generate more force. The disc is then whipped forwards, towards the target, with a particular focus on snapping the wrist to generate spin. The thrower should follow through, with the throwing hand pointing towards the target after the disc has been released.


The disc is gripped with four fingers wrapped under the disc. Note that it is common for throwers to have the grip a little looser for shorter throws, and throwers tend to differ slightly in terms of how precisely they hold the disc based on the size of their hand in relation to the disc. You will notice slight differences in the throwers in these videos, and you should throw in a way that you feel comfortable. The tighter the grip, the more spin will be imparted onto the disc, and the faster and more stable it’s flight will be as a result.

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