Initiating movement by Frank Nam

Initiating movement in a vertical stack is one of the most difficult things to get right as a team. Here we outline a simple pattern that generates multiple throwing opportunities to both sides of the field, maximising your team's potential to get the disc moving.

This is a great play to get the disc moving in a vert stack. It utilizes the first three cutters in the stack. At one moment there should be three possible options:

  1. A inside break to the third in the stack.
  2. An open side under from the 2nd in the stack.
  3. An around break from the front of the stack.

We’ve used Virtual Repetitions to record and visualise this play.

Bird's eye view

This view allows us to clearly see the spacing and timing required to execute the play well. The third in the stack goes once the path in front of them is clear. Notice how the attacking options generated are to distinct areas of the field, providing the thrower with more options.

Thrower's view

Let’s review those throwing options:

  1. The initial Cut Underneath – Open Side from the first in the stack
  2. If that first throw isn’t hit, the cutter cuts Open to Break Lateral, providing an opportunity to break around the mark
  3. The second cutter in the stack goes Away to Open Under
  4. The third in the stack Cut Underneath – Break Side, providing an opportunity to break inside the mark

The mark can only take away one of the break looks, not both; see Pivots and the Limits of Marking.

What is Virtual Repetitions?

Virtual Repetitions is a platform designed to help players practice and prepare for games while they’re away from the field. Virtual Repetitions allows coaches to draw and share plays with their players, who can then walk through them on a 3D virtual field to come to practice and games more prepared.

How can I use Virtual Repetitions?

  1. Sign up as a coach at and create a new team
  2. Invite your players to join your team
  3. Subscribe to plays created by other coaches or draw your own
  4. Have your players download the Virtual Repetitions Ultimate Playbook app to their mobile device and begin sharing your plays for them to practice

You can find this play here, and be sure to subscribe to the play!


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