Pre-Season 2 by James Mead

Pre-Season 2 is used to translate the strength and power gained in the previous blocks into high velocity, ultimate-specific movements. Intensity of work will be highest at this point in the programme, ready for the in-season period.

Pre-Season Program 2


  1. Exposure to high intensity strength work
  2. Continued focus on robustness and injury prevention
  3. Tolerance and adaptation to high volume training
  4. Learning of ultimate specific mechanics

Physiological outcomes:

  1. Continued increase in muscle cross sectional area
  2. Continued improvements in neuromuscular strength
  3. Intramuscular coordination in ultimate specific movements
  4. Increase in type 2a and 2b muscle fibre recruitment for velocity-based movements

Get started:

  1. Pre-season 2, Level 1
  2. Pre-season 2, Level 2
  3. Preseason 2, Level 3

Not sure which level to start on? Check out our guidance notes. And we always recommend starting with the Off-Season.

Note: stick with the Level you started with during the Off-Season! No switching levels :)

After you’ve completed Pre-Season 2, it’s time for In-Season.


“This was undoubtedly my favourite section of the programme. One of the things I enjoyed most about the sprint session was incorporating crossover runs. Because this is a key movement (and one that is very specific to ultimate), as soon as I got on pitch, both in training and in a game, the movements became more natural and automatic.” – Ophelia Byrne, GB u24, 2019


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