Peaking by James Mead

If your season features a single major tournament, like a National or World Championship, then you'll want to make sure you're in the best possible shape. That will mean tapering your training in the few weeks leading into that event so you peak at the right time.

Peaking Program


  1. Enter into a chosen major competition with minimal levels of fatigue
  2. Optimise performance for a selected event
  3. The opportunity to perform at maximum physical performance

Physiological outcomes:

  1. Micro muscle tear and fibre inflammation at a minimum
  2. Endocrine system balanced and primed for sports performance

Get started:

  1. Peak Level 1
  2. Peak Level 2
  3. Peak Level 3

Not sure which level to start on? Check out our guidance notes. And we always recommend starting with the Off-Season.

Note: stick with the Level you started with during the Off-Season! No switching levels :)

When the major event is done, go back to In-Season.


“When it came to Worlds, I was in the best shape possible. Previously, the Sunday morning of a tournament I’d wake up feeling fatigued and painful but at Worlds it wasn’t until day 4 or 5 of playing that I started to feel any effects and even then it was just general fatigue.” – Ophelia Byrne, GBu24 2019


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