Off-Season by James Mead

This is where it all begins! Time to get going with your off-season training. Choose your plan based on your level of experience, and follow James' guide to get yourself on the right track this season.

Off Season Programme


  1. Establish foundation of training tolerance through accessory and stability work
  2. Exposure to a range of fundamental movement patterns required for Ultimate
  3. Improve athletic competency and robustness
  4. Improve musculature strength in order to tolerate the production of high force movements

Physiological outcomes:

  1. Increase type 1 collagen turnover within the muscles and tendons increasing the work capacity of the target muscle groups through accessory work
  2. Improve the ability of tissue to repeatedly perform the tasks required in both training and game
  3. Increase muscle cross sectional area
  4. Improve tendon and ligament strength
  5. Improvements in neuromuscular strength

Our Off-Season program is divided into two phases, each of four weeks. However, if you’ve periodised your season according to our guide then you can reduce each phase to 3 weeks (for a total of 6 weeks off-season), or extend each phase by 2 weeks (for a total of up to 12 weeks off-season).

Get started:

Level 1 Off-Season

Level 2 Off-Season

Level 3 Off-Season

Not sure which level to start on? Check out our guidance notes.

Note: stick with the Level you start with throughout the Off-Season! No switching levels :)

After you’ve completed the Off-Season, it’s time for Pre-Season 1


“At first I wasn’t sure which level to choose but looking through all three, I realised that they all start you out with fairly basic, easy to complete exercises meaning that it didn’t matter whether you had been at the gym regularly or not at all before starting the programme.

After about 3-4 weeks of following the programme, the muscle soreness you feel after exercise no longer became a problem as my recovery rate had improved.

One of the things I enjoyed most was the flexibility in choosing the anaerobic and aerobic conditioning week to week as it meant I could make a decision on the day based on how I was feeling or what I wanted to do rather than doing something that I maybe didn’t fancy.” – Ophelia Byrne, GB u24 2019


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