In-Season by James Mead

The In-Season block is used to maintain all the physical outcomes trained in the previous off and pre-season months. During this period, it becomes difficult to improve on maximal levels of strength and power due to the effects of increased aerobic demands from tournaments and team trainings. It remains highly important to maintain strength & power to reduce injuries during this period where an athlete is putting their body through vigorous demands.

In-Season Program


  1. Remain injury free throughout the competition period
  2. Be in the best prepared shape physically to compete
  3. Translate strength and power into repeated high force ultimate movements and game specific elements

Physiological outcomes:

  1. Maintain maximal strength levels (within 10%) from the end of pre-season 2 to the end of the in-season period
  2. Maintain aerobic capacity of key lower limb muscle groups required for ultimate

Get started:

  1. In-Season Level 1
  2. In-Season Level 2
  3. In-Season Level 3

Not sure which level to start on? Check out our guidance notes. And we always recommend starting with the Off-Season.

Note: stick with the Level you started with during the Off-Season! No switching levels :)

When the major event (or two) of your season approaches, switch to Peaking.


“Going into the in-season phase, the number of sets and reps decreases meaning that I was able to increase the weight on each rep and I found that I increased my power output. This was really obvious in the sprint session (my favourite part of this phase!) as I could feel the power I had when changing direction and was managing to spring out of turns more easily.” – Ophelia Byrne, GBu24 2019


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