Introduction for Beginners Level 3 – Lesson 1: Break Around by Dominick Smyth

As defence tries to limit a throwers options, offence learns how to still attack into the space defence is trying to deny using a break around.

Level 3 – Offensive team conceptsLesson 1 – Break Around

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ObjectivesImproving composure under pressure and ability to throw past defender into the space defence is trying to prevent.
CommentsAs defence improves, they reduce the number of options and spaces available to the offence. By throwing to the “break” side, the offence is able to continue to attack and create space for themselves. An “around” throw gets it’s name as it is usually around the defender, away from other players.
New ConceptsBreak throws – throws past the defender to the area of the pitch they were trying to prevent.
Skill DevelopmentPivoting, faking, forcing.
RulesFoul – with the thrower attempting to throw past the defender, both players should be mindful to not make contact. The offensive player should also stay vigilant not to travel as they attempt to get space to throw.


Team USA utilising an around break forehand at the 2016 World Championships


Review and Preview5 minsLevel 2 worked on individual skills. This new level will work on team skills of creating space and working together to advance the disc up the pitch. Lesson 1 emphasises attacking the space the force is trying to deny.
Around Throw to Lateral Cut10 minsAround Throw to Lateral Cut Encourage throwers to throw to space in front of receiver, inviting them to run on to it.
Sideways Game15 minsSideways Game With so little space available, teams will have to use break throws to get away from the defence. The option to score in either endzone will reward throws around the defender.
Chevron Brick Play15 minsChevron Brick Play The cut from the stack may initially look like it is not going to achieve anything. After the team uses the new around break throw, the initial cutter now becomes a viable option for a long throw.
Game – Score on Break Side15 minsGame Scores in this game only count when they are the result of a break throw. These can be a break throw to the endzone or the next pass after a break throw. By restricting teams to only scoring in this manner, they will have to use their new around throws and the space it creates.


Talking PointsWhat effect does pivoting and faking have on throwers ability to make a break throw?
Is it easier to throw short or long on around throws?
When is too early/late to throw?
Further StudyBreaking the Mark


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