Introduction for Beginners Level 2 – Lesson 1: Hammer by Dominick Smyth

A new way to throw as well as experimentation into throwing and finding out what's possible with a disc.

Level 2 – Individual game play skills and basic team concepts Lesson 1 – New Throws

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Objectives Introduce a new way of throwing and facilitate participants experimenting with throwing techniques.
Comments The 3rd core throw, Hammer/Overhead, brings a new way to attack. As participants become more comfortable throwing, experimentation should be encouraged to discover what individuals can do with a disc and to identify different ways of passing to teammates.
New Concepts Hammer
Skill Development Catching


Name Duration Outline
Review, preview 10 mins Review basic game play concepts introduced in Level 1. Explain Level 2 primarily about individual game play skills and how they fit in to basic team play concepts.
Game 10 mins As a warm up
Hammer 10 mins Introduce technique as an expansion from forehand. Same grip but now with disc overhead, at an angle. Target on release will be above and to the side of the receiver (right handed throw, aim up and left). Disc will be tending towards flat and upside down when it is caught.
Game 10 mins Encourage players to use hammer as much as possible.
Design a Throw 10 mins Design A Throw Encourage participants to experiment with different grips, disc angles, body positions, arm motions.
Game 10 mins Encourage participants to use throws they designed, as well as those designed by other members of group.

For a tutorial on how to throw a hammer, see Overheads



Talking Points What parts of the pitch does this new throw open up?
What can defenders do to stop it?
Further Study Overheads


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