Horizontal Stack How does Horizontal Stack work? by Brummie, Dylan Freechildand Jimmy Mickle

Horizontal stack work – aka spread offence or “3-4”, was used by Furious George in the early 2000’s as a way of maximising cutter isolation, and continues to be a favourite of San Francisco’s Fury & Revolver to this day. Horizontal stack creates space through two channels, one between the stack and the handlers, and one deep of the cutters.

The idea behind horizontal stack is to create “attacking space” in front of the disc and give cutters ample opportunity to attack into the space. It is called horizontal because handler and cutters are spread across the field horizontally and the disc is swung horizontally to reset where the attacking space is. Once the attacking space is determined (area in front of the disc regardless of force), cutters string cuts together to open up that space and allow teammates to go one-on-one in the newly vacated attack space.

stack work

Fig. 1: Attacking space in horizontal stack


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