Banana by Frank Nam

It's common for teams to poach against a horizontal stack, particularly when the disc is on the sideline. This "Banana" play will help to clear space and get the disc moving.

In this scenario, a defender is poaching off the furthest cutter from the disc; this helps to provide deep cover for the defence. Therefore, the offence want to find a way to take advantage of the poaching defender. However, it isn’t possible to throw directly to the poached player due to other defender’s positioning; this concept is covered in Poaching off cutters in horizontal. The ‘Banana’ play is an easy way to get the disc off the trap side in horizontal stack.

We’ve used Virtual Repetitions to record and visualise this play.

Both handler resets go up line, and the thrower fake the up line throw to open up an around throw to the swing space for a cutter who comes back for the disc.

Bird's eye view

From a bird’s eye view, it is quite simple to see the impact that clearing the handlers has on creating throwing lanes. As soon as both handlers attack up line, it creates a huge amount of space for a swing to the far side of the field. Changing angles of attack is a fundamental aspect of effective offence, and helps to make life difficult for poaches. After swinging the disc, there are many continuation options available; here we’ve shown one option where an isolated cutter goes deep.

Thrower's view

Let’s review from the position of the thrower: as you can see, identifying that deep poach is more difficult here, and there’s no space to throw the swing. After the handlers clear, the swing option becomes far more obvious. Note that the exact distance and timing will vary according to your offence, the poach and weather conditions.

Receiver's view

From the other side of the field, we see the disc move across the field, exposing the out-of-position poaching defender, and it becomes clear just how simple it should be for the isolated cutter to make a significant gain via a continuation cut; the “Banana” shape that it’s named after. For more detail on specific details of how to achieve this, see Timing Cuts & Setting up Continuation. The overall cutting pattern is very similar to Peppermills that you will be familiar with if you’ve played horizontal stack.

What is Virtual Repetitions?

Virtual Repetitions is a platform designed to help players practice and prepare for games while they’re away from the field. Virtual Repetitions allows coaches to draw and share plays with their players, who can then walk through them on a 3D virtual field to come to practice and games more prepared.

How can I use Virtual Repetitions?

  1. Sign up as a coach at and create a new team
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  3. Subscribe to plays created by other coaches or draw your own
  4. Have your players download the Virtual Repetitions Ultimate Playbook app to their mobile device and begin sharing your plays for them to practice

You can find this play here, and be sure to subscribe to the play!


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