Handler Sideline Resets by Brummie

Once a defence has pushed the disc onto a sideline, there are a variety of options to move the disc

How best to deal with having the disc on the sideline? Let’s look at some examples.

  1. You may not need to! Simply attack up the line, aiming to generate Power Position
  2. Direct swing to static handler; this is most frequently seen against zones or poach defences, or where defenders are out of position. In general, if there’s an opportunity to get the disc off the sideline early then it’s a good idea to take it; most offences are easier to run from the middle of the field
  3. Leading throw into the middle of the field; this is a throw to empty space towards the middle of the field for another player to run onto. Examples include Triangle Reset or Sideline Wrinkle

What’s the best place to get the reset?


Fig. 1: If A has the disc on the sideline and B is a reset, where is the best place to throw the disc?

  • The red area shows the worst position to catch the reset; not only have we lost yards, but we’re still on sideline, and there are two players – A & D1 – in the active throwing lane
  • The yellow area shows an upfield reset. This has some advantages – it gains yards, provides the potential for Power Position, and the throwing lane should be empty. But the disc is still on the sideline, so we’re back in the same scenario. Note that the angle of cut here is important; too shallow & B could run off sideline after the catch, and therefore be unable to take advantage of Power Position. There is also the risk of poaching defenders from downfield if this throw goes too far.
  • The blue area shows a backfield reset, thrown to a space with no defender. The disc is caught off the sideline, and should give an opportunity to throw easy continuation to the break side; the further away from the sideline this throw is caught, the easier continuation will be. In 2014, Bravo adopted a very deep reset that gave the handler extra time to throw a swing pass to the break side Deep Dump & Swing; hence the further back the dump goes, the better an option this becomes. However, these throws do lose yards unless continuation is hit.
  • The dark green area shows the best sideline resets, that get the disc off the sideline and also upfield. A reset here provides the opportunity for immediate continuation to the break side & power position. This is achieved via Sideline Wrinkle or Sideline Power Position (force middle).

This is why the Sideline Wrinkle is better than the Sideline Dump; it gets you further off the sideline and puts you in a better position to throw continuation to the break side. While the throw required is marginally more difficult, with some practice it is a potent tool for your offence.

The sideline wrinkle sets up easier continuation, which a team can use to get to the far side of the field after escaping a sideline trap


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