Introduction by Brummie

This "Essentials" chapter is dedicated to providing details on how to set up cutting and throwing opportunities for maximum effect on the field.

These essentials are basic ideas that apply to many on-field scenarios, regardless of which offensive scheme you choose to employ. Many are centred around manipulating defenders to provide easier ways of moving the disc.

What is included?

Theory, Drills & Session plans for each of our featured chapters:

Every month, we’ll release more content.

GB & Clapham Ultimate player Lloyd Cheesman has put together a list of throws that are useful for developing your confidence in real game scenarios; you will find these in three throwing sessions, or review the full list of throws

Our Video Library has videos which show you how to catch, throw & warm up effectively.

What you will also find in Flik are some tips on the kinds of shape of throw that are optimal for different circumstances; these are described in both the theory sections and drill details.

Plus we have Team Analysis, where we break down the movements of some of the world’s best teams and show you what drills to run so you can play the same way. Boom!

How do I use Flik?

Here’s just a few things that you can do with Flik:

  • Read through the theory to understand how to get more out of your training.
  • Watch footage of the world’s top teams in action, see their structure broken down into simple movements, and take a look at drills that will help you to replicate their movements.
  • Pick a few drills based on specific themes – vertical stack, or throwing long – then put together your own practice plan. Then get out and play!
  • Watch video tutorials
  • Plan and execute a season-long strength & conditioning program

Where’s my favourite drill?

There are an almost infinite number of possibilities for combining simple movements from ultimate into drills. Flik has a clear focus on drills that directly mimic game-like situations, so you might find that, apart from some simple drills for beginners, all of the drills in Flik are game-based. Therefore many drills based on conditioning, or letting the same player do lots of actions repeatedly, are missing. That’s not to say that these drills aren’t useful – they are – just that it is important to highlight the key movement patterns that map directly into a game situation, and this is the focus of Flik.

What’s next?

We’re constantly adding new content. Keep checking back for more – the newest items are highlighted on the home page – or keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds to be kept up to date.


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