Different Strategies and Techniques for Guarding the Dump by Dylan Freechild

As one of the world's top handler defenders, we asked Dylan to give us a detailed breakdown of how to improve your handler defence.

Strategies and Techniques Guarding the dump is all about putting your opponent in the least advantageous position possible. It’s not about taking away every option or playing to get a block. To do this you have to always be evaluating the spaces on the field while working in conjunction with the mark.

Available options for the dump:

  1. Where can a dump cut to?

Looking at scenarios:

  1. Guarding a Lateral Dump
  2. Guarding a Dump Behind
  3. Anticipating handler movements

Working with your team mates:

  1. Working with markers
  2. Defending sideline resets

Evaluating success:

  1. Things to consider when guarding handlers
  2. Evaluating success

Dylan Freechild in action defending a dump


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