Plan, Do, Review by Brummie

Plan, Do, Review is a simple yet effective method of ensuring continual improvement at every practice, keeps your practices working towards your objectives and in line with your team's abilities

Plan, Do, Review

Be Prepared, just like the Scouts are!

“Plan, Do, Review” is a basic method used to ensure continual improvement in coaching. The basic aim is that a coach will plan each practice, run it, then review the progress and use this information to plan the next session. It is therefore extremely important for a coach to remain flexible when structuring a season, and for the coach to take notes during or just after every practice; how did things go? Were new concepts well received? How much progress was made? You should also identify feedback for individuals as soon as possible after each practice; some will take to new concepts faster than others, and a brief follow-up call can often help people to understand.

Try to plan at least two practices in advance, in case your team make more progress than you thought they might, in which case you’re in a position to integrate content from one session in advance.


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