Boston Brute Squad vs Vancouver Traffic, USA Nationals 2021 by Kimberly Yu

Boston Brute Squad’s team defensive schemes enabled them to shut down and limit Vancouver Traffic’s offence in the 2021 USA Nationals Quarterfinal.

In the 2021 USA Nationals Quarterfinal game between Boston Brute Squad and Vancouver Traffic, Brute Squad utilized a variety of team defensive strategies to prevent offensive flow and contain the disc.

Boston Brute Squad showed that they were in control on defence by being proactive and anticipatory in containing the disc and preventing offensive flow.

  • Pulls can set up the defence for success by putting the offence in dangerous positions and giving the defence enough time to get down the field. Read our detailed analysis: Brute Squad – Pulls

    Brute Squad used the wind to good effect, getting good hang time on their pulls

  • Poaching can put pressure on the offence and generate turns, while switches can stop quick handler movement and prevent offensive flow. Read our detailed analysis: Brute Squad – Poaching & Switching

    Brute Squad used coordinated poaching schemes to make life difficult for Traffic

  • Zone defence limits offensive options and generates opportunities for defensive plays. Read our detailed analysis of the specific tactics that Brute Squad used to generate pressure on Vancouver Traffic: Brute Squad – Zone Defence

    Brute Squad used a dynamic, shifting zone defence to stifle Traffic's offence


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