Team Analysis Toronto 6ixers, USA Nationals 2019 (2)

The Toronto 6ixers use great timing and spacing to score off of a sideline reset.

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Effective cutting and handler movement allows the 6ixers to set up a break side huck; even though it hangs, the spacing is enough to allow the receiver time to box out for an easy catch

Breaking it down

1. Swinging the disc

The Toronto 6ixers have the disc trapped on the sideline. The dump handler closest to the disc fakes a strike cut and gets the easy around throw. The other handler gets ready to fill and get the continue off of the swing.

2. Break under to open lateral

The Toronto cutter at the front of the stack recognizes that she is poached and cuts break to try to get the continue off of the swing. The mark seals that throw, so she makes a lateral cut to the open side.

3. Dish to power position

As the cutter in the previous step cuts laterally, the handler on the open side pushes downfield. The cutter then throws a leading dish pass to the handler to get her in power position.

4. Cross-field away throw

As the disc is getting dished to the handler, the cutter at the back of the stack starts going deep. Since the flat mark takes away the open side huck, the thrower pivots and the cutter cuts toward the break side for a cross-field away throw. The receiver reads the disc well and boxes out her defenders to catch the score.