Team Analysis Russia vs USA, WCBU 2017 (13)

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The thirteenth goal of the WCBU 2017 Womens Final

Breaking it down

1. Offload against poach

Russia's set play involves cuts to the break side, open side, and deep. There's a poach in the lane so Russia offload the disc to the sideline; this isn't necessarily the best move as attacking the break side is often better.

2. Power Position

Poor handler defence from USA allows Russia's dangerous thrower Aleksandra Pustovaia to get open in power position.

3. Crossfield huck

Compounding her error of letting Pustovaia get power position, Magon Liu then moves across to stop the open side throw. The result is to open up the entire break side of the field, which is quickly exploited by this crossfield shot.

4. Endzone Isolation

Guarding a cutter one-on-one in the entire endzone is a nearly impossible task; here, a shifting mark helps but Russia squeezes the disc through and makes a tough catch for the goal