Team Analysis Ring of Fire, USA Nationals 2021 (1)

It's rare for the handler catching the pull to immediately become a deep threat, but that's how Ring start this point; Rhino reacted by poaching, but Ring were able to pick their way through the holes in the defence

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Ring of Fire field the pull & use a string play, beating Rhino's poaching & switching with a series of away and under cuts before finishing the point with some handler resets

Breaking it down

1. Pull Play

Ring field the pull with a single isolated cutter in front of the disc, with the remaining cutters in a horizontal stack. Anders Juengst catches the pull, then immediately runs downfield and join the isolated cutter to form a cutting pair; one goes under and one goes away - a classic peppermill move

2. String

The cutter who went deep now turns underneath, while the next cutter in the sequence pushes deep to provide the next cut in the 'string' sequence, which is basically a series of peppermills, with cutters offering away and under options

3. Offset Lateral Cut

Rhino have two defenders guarding the deep cut, so the next player in the sequence makes an offset lateral cut into the middle of the field. Meanwhile, a poached Ring cutter heads deep down the near sideline, while Rhino players in the back field switch to contain deep threats

4. Dish

Ring's cutter immediately dishes to Ryan Osgar on the break side; meanwhile, Rhino continue to switch to contain downfield threats

5. Give & Go (FM)

The deepest Ring cutter Dillon Lanier turns under to the break side, and Osgar breaks with an around backhand

6. Dump & Go

Ring forms into a vertical stack. Rhino have players poaching on the side of the stack closest to the disc (this is also 'orbiting defence'), so Ring quickly run a give and go to the open side, and hit continuation to one of the poached cutters for the score