Team Analysis Molly Brown, WUCC 2018

Molly Brown show how to quickly convert a short huck using handler resets

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Watch the play in full:

After catching a huck short of the endzone, Molly Brown reset backwards, swinging the disc before taking advantage of an out-of-position mark to score on the break side

Breaking it down

1. Reset

A Molly Brown handler is quickly in position to offer a reset; notice how the Revolution defenders attempt to run a Buzz Switch, but it is miscommunicated, leaving one of the defenders out of position

2. Dump and Go

This is an excellent move to run in front of the endzone, as you can easily get defenders out of position, and it changes the angles of attack. Also, notice the defender guarding the cutter at the very back of the stack. You will see her orbit her cutter as the disc swings, in response to information about where the disc is on the field.

3. Attacking the break side

With the marker shifting to deny the open side continuation, it's a simple matter to attack the now undefended break side of the field. Out of position, the Revolution gets close with a great bid, but cannot prevent the goal due to a perfect throw, fast cut and tonnes of space.