Team Analysis Machine Endzone Offence (1), USA Nationals 2019

Machine use handler fundamentals to move the disc into the end zone

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The first of a series where we analyse Chicago Machine's endzone offence from the 2019 USA National Championships

Breaking it down

1. Attempted Give & Go

From a stoppage, Machine attempt to run a give and go move. However, note how the PoNY defender peels off to double team the next Machine cutter as a way to prevent an easy goal.

2. Sideline Power Position

A sharp turn from Kurt Gibson allows him to slip in front of his defender to receive the disc in power position on the sideline.

3. Upfield Isolated Handler

Putting a single player directly upfield of the disc is a very effective way of scoring; it is almost impossible for a single defender to deny all available options. Here, a single cut to the break side by Joe White is enough to shake his defender