Team Analysis Ireland men, windmill 2019 (1)

Ireland use a variety of handler reset patterns in an endzone set

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Ireland use their handlers to work the disc, and their cutters tend to look to immediately give the disc back to the throwers. Two players, Sweeney & Rogers, dominate the play in this clip showing endzone offence in action.

Breaking it down

1. Swing and continuation

Ireland start with the disc on the open sideline. Sweeney looks to throw to his reset, Rogers, cutting upfield, but the reset defender is facing the disc and therefore can intercept that pass. Rogers stops his movement, generating separation which allows Sweeney to hit a swing, and then a continuation cut.

2. Switch on a dish

GB defender Tom Abrams hangs back from the cutter who has received the disc; this allows him to defend against the give and go, while protecting the front corner of the endzone. Notice the communication between defenders as they execute a Buzz Switch on the dish pass

3. Dump behind

Rogers and Sweeney continue to work the disc, running a dump behind. The continuation cutter is wide open, but the fouling mark prevents the pass being thrown.

4. Open side give & go

Abrams continues to sit in the inside channel, protecting the endzone, so Sweeney swings to an open Rogers before running up the open side for the goal.