Team Analysis Ellipsis, WUCC 2022 (1)

Ellipsis scores after their zone defence generates a block in front of the endzone.

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Ellipsis's zone defence generates a block on a handler reset near the endzone, and a cutter uses good cutting footwork to get open and catch the score.

Breaking it down

1. Zone Defence

Off of the pull, Ellipsis sets up in a zone, with most of the defenders in the middle area of the field. The mark sets up a straight-up force while three defenders form a spaced-out wall behind her. This forces the thrower to swing the disc to the sideline.

2. Sideline Trap

When the disc swings to the sideline, the zone shifts downfield. Two defenders form a wall to prevent the thrower from swinging the disc, and Amanda Fung (#92) guards the nearest dump handler. Sally Yu (#2) is near the handler on the other side of the field, and once she sees the throw across the field, she accelerates and blocks the throw, creating a scoring opportunity right outside the endzone.

3. Engaging Defender

Georgia Egan-Griffiths (#23) picks up the disc in front of the endzone as the Ellipsis cutters form a vertical stack in the endzone. Sally Yu (#2) is isolated, with her defender giving her a large buffer. Before the defender has established her footing, Yu runs toward her, forcing the defender to turn her hips. Yu takes the space given her and cuts toward the front cone of the endzone. Notice that the mark is using a straight-up mark, and Egan-Griffiths waits until Yu has engaged her defender before pivoting. When Egan-Griffiths pivots, the mark is not able to shift far enough, and Yu catches the around backhand throw for the score.