Team Analysis CUSB, WUCC 2018

CUSB patiently work the disc around the endzone

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After attempting to score in the open side, and being denied by well-positioned defenders, CUSB swing and attack the break side of the field

Breaking it down

1. Leading throw to space

Against a well-positioned defence, CUSB take an unconventional throw to space near the sideline to initiate movement.

2. Wrinkle

With her defender guarding the front of the endzone, the CUSB cutter comes directly under then wrinkles to the open side

3. Dump...and return

After dumping the disc, no-one else gets open so the same cutter returns to get the disc back

4. Swing against poaches

Second time around, with the defenders clogging lanes, CUSB move the disc to the other side of the field

5. Undefended channel

The thrower previously trapped on the sideline follows her throw laterally to the break side, gets the disc back and is able to throw continuation for the goal