Ultimate Frisbee Strength & Conditioning

Explore the list of exercises and routines for our bespoke S&C program below.
All Exercises Routines 180 Degree Turn 45 Degree Bound A Skip Acceleration and deceleration in & outs Accessory & Stability In-Season L1 Accessory & Stability In-Season L2 Accessory & Stability In-Season L3 Accessory & Stability Peak L1 Accessory & Stability Peak L2 Accessory & Stability Peak L3 Accessory & Stability PreSeason 1 L1 Accessory & Stability PreSeason 1 L2 Accessory & Stability PreSeason 1 L3 Accessory & Stability PreSeason 2 L1 Accessory & Stability PreSeason 2 L2 Accessory & Stability PreSeason 2 L3 Accessory and Stability L1 B1 Accessory and Stability L1 B2 Accessory and Stability L2 B1 Accessory and Stability L2 B2 Accessory and Stability L3 B1 Accessory and Stability L3 B2 Activate Adductor Bridge Adductor Rocks Agility Clock Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press Ankle Star Any Exercise Assisted decelerations B Skip Back Extension Hold Back Extension Hold with Arms Back Extension Raises Back Squat Backward Weave Banded Ankle Mobility Banded Barbell Row Banded Broad Jump Banded Hamstring Flexion Extension Banded Kettlebell Swings Banded Pallof Press with Squat Banded Press Up Banded Shoulder Mobility Barbell Box Squat Bench Press Bent Over Single Arm Alternating Row Bent Over Single Arm Row Bodyweight Conditioning 1 Bodyweight Conditioning 2 Bodyweight Workouts for Ultimate Bounding Box Jump 1 Step Approach Box Jump with Rotation Broad Jump Bulgarian Split Squat Bulgarian Split Squat Double Dip Cable Face Pull Change of Direction Skills Warm Up Change of Direction Sprint Chin Up Clap Press Up Conditioning Conditioning 2 Conditioning 3 Counter-Movement Jump Crab Walks Crossover into Sprint Crossover Skip DB Romanian Deadlift Decelerations Diagonal Bound Dish Hold Dish Hold with Rock Drop Jump Drop Squats Dumbbell Chest Press Dumbbell Goblet Squat Dumbbell Snatch Dumbbell Thruster Fartleks Feet Elevated Press Up Figure 4 Foam Roll / SMR Forward Weave Front Plank Front Plank with Reach Front Plank with Row Good Morning Hang Power Clean Hip Extension Step Hip Flexion Cable Band Hip Turn Hop Running In-Season Level 1 In-Season Level 2 In-Season Level 3 Integrate Isometric Hamstring Hold Jog with spin Jump Squat from Seated Kettlebell Swings Knee Hug Kneeling Single Arm Shoulder Press Landmine Rotations Lateral Bounding Lateral Box Step Up Lateral Box Step Up with A Hold Lateral Deceleration Lateral deceleration to acceleration Lateral Hold Lateral Hold with Arms Lateral Hop & Stick Lateral Lunge Lateral Lunge with Jump Lateral Shuffle Lateral shuffle in & outs Lateral Squat Linear Deceleration Linear deceleration to acceleration Lunge with Rotation Mobilise Movement Prep 1 Off-Season Level 1, Phase 1 Off-Season Level 1, Phase 2 Off-Season Level 2, Phase 1 Off-Season Level 2, Phase 2 Off-Season Level 3, Phase 1 Off-Season Level 3, Phase 2 Pallof Press Peak Level 1 Peak Level 2 Peak Level 3 Preseason 1, Level 1 Preseason 1, Level 2 Preseason 1, Level 3 Preseason 2, Level 1 Preseason 2, Level 2 Preseason 2, Level 3 Press Ups Prone Shoulder Fly Razor Curl Resisted & Assisted Crossover Resisted and assisted lateral shuffle Reverse Lunge Reverse Lunge with A Hold Seated Calf Raise Session 1: Change of Direction Tolerance Session 2: Multidirectional acceleration & deceleration Session 3: Multidirectional speed maintenance Shoulder Horizontal Abduction Shoulder Internal External Rotation Shoulder Lateral Raise Cable Show & Go Side Plank Side Plank with Pulse Side Plank with Rotation Side Shuffle with Cut Side Skip with Spin Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Press Single Arm Dumbbell Press with Medicine Ball Squeeze Single Arm Landmine Push Jerk Single Arm Pull Down Single Arm Row Single Leg 90 Degree Hops Single Leg Box Jump Single Leg Broad Jump Single Leg Drop Jump to Box Single Leg Drop with Lateral Bound Single Leg Hamstring Bridge Single Leg Hip Bridge Single Leg Medicine Ball Throw and Catch Single Leg Romanian Deadlift Single Leg Romanian Deadlift with A Hold and Press Single Leg Toe Tap Jump & Stick SMR Hamstrings SMR Latimus Dorsi SMR Quadriceps SMR Soleus & Gastrocnemius SMR Thoracic & Lumbar Spine Specific Change of Direction Skills Speed & Agility Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3 Speed 4 Speed Back Squat Speed Dumbbell Goblet Squat Speed Skills Level 1 Speed Skills Level 2 Speed Skills Level 3 Split Squat Split Squat Jumping Lunge Split Squat Stance Dumbbell Press Split Squat with Pallof Hold Split Stance Banded Broad Jump Sprint Sprint with Rolling Start Sprints with Falling Start Star Hop Step Up with A Hold Straight Leg Run Straight Leg Walk Strength & Power In-Season L1 Strength & Power In-Season L2 Strength & Power In-Season L3 Strength & Power L1 B1 Strength & Power L1 B2 Strength & Power L2 B1 Strength & Power L2 B2 Strength & Power L3 B1 Strength & Power L3 B2 Strength & Power Peak L1 Strength & Power Peak L2 Strength & Power Peak L3 Strength & Power PreSeason 1 L1 Strength & Power PreSeason 1 L2 Strength & Power PreSeason 1 L3 Strength & Power PreSeason 2 L1 Strength & Power PreSeason 2 L2 Strength & Power PreSeason 2 L3 Supine Medicine Ball Throw Swiss Ball Rotation Thoracic Rotations Tight Angle Cuts Trunk 1 Trunk 2 Trunk 3 Trunk 4 Trunk 5 Trunk 6 Trunk 7 Trunk 8 Walking Sprint Mechanics Wall Strides Wide Angle Cuts YWTA