Windmill Away


This is a flood play that creates space for an isolated cutter

Team Cutting Patterns
Horizontal Stack
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Flipside run a Windmill with a deep continuation throw for a goal


A handler, A, starts near the centre of the field, marked by D1. Four cutters form a horizontal stack approximately 10m downfield.


D1 > A > B > C > E

Step 1

Image of Windmill Away
  • The players on one side of the field clear deep to vacate space; in this example, B & C.

Step 2

Image of Windmill Away

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Brummie says:

    Defenders are optional in this drill, as is the fourth cutter F, but are shown in the diagrams for context.

    Defenders will quickly realise that your clearing cuts aren’t real options, particularly if those cuts are not made with conviction. Be prepared to take throws to the clearing cutters if the defence adapts.

    E should be prepared for D4 poaching; see Engaging Defenders

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