Triangle Marking by Ben Weddell and Brummie


Great throwers can manipulate markers to move in lots of directions; here we show an effective method of moving on the mark to deal with pivots

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All we need is a thrower and a marker. B here can easily be a marker cone, tree, or other visual aid.


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Step 1

Image of Triangle Marking
  • Set up with a one-way mark.

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  • Brummie says:

    Most people don't drop back far enough. Concentrate on moving away from the thrower rather than trying to keep pace with their movements; if you move directly across then you will end up fouling them.

    Stay on your toes, and keep your weight above your feet; if you over-balance, you won’t be able to react quickly

    Small steps are faster than big lunges

    Move around where possible; a moving mark is harder to break

  • Ben Weddell says:

    Keep your hands active, especially the one that's covering the shown throw, this makes it harder for a thrower to pick a spot to break you

    Focus on your footwork, moving sideways and then dropping back and forward again. Make sure you are balanced and in control of your movements as opposed to lunging and overbalancing. As you practice you will get stronger and faster.

    You can use your body to limit space, experiment with how far across you can position yourself onto the shown throw and still make it across to cover the second option, it may be further than you think

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