Triangle Forcing by Caroline Ma


Triangle forcing helps the mark to prevent break throws to dangerous areas by adjusting their positioning according to threats in different areas of the field.

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A, B and C form a triangle, roughly 10m apart from each other. D applies a one-way force to C. A and B are stationary receivers.


D > C >A > B

Step 1

Image of Triangle Forcing
  • A is in position to receive an inside pass. B is in position to receive an around pass.
  • The mark’s job is to try and effectively cover these options.
  • For the first 4 seconds the thrower will look to throw to A.


  • Caroline Ma says:

    Prompt the marker to look behind them before setting up the stall, is their body in the way?

    Remind participants to get into an athletic stances with active feet. This is especially required when the thrower moves from the first option to the second.

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