Timing Deep Continuation by Alex Brooks


When cutting deep it’s critical not to set off too early. Doing so often results in clogging up the deep space, reducing the thrower’s options. Learn how to time your cuts with this drill.

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There are two stacks positioned with equal spacing between them and the sidelines. Other positions of note are upfield horizontal positions 1, 2, 3 and 4, approximtely 10-15m from the two stacks. There should be a player in positions 1, 3 and 4 (players E, D and C respectively).


Stand in stack behind A > Throw short pass > Run reset cut > Play short pass receiver C (position 2 if first pass from RIGHT stack, position 3 if first pass from LEFT stack) > Play long pass receiver (F if first pass from RIGHT stack, E if first pass from LEFT stack) > Cut deep > Jog back to stack behind B (the other stack). If you were thrown to as C, rejoin the opposite stack.

Step 1

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  • Alex Brooks says:

    This drill focuses on deep cut shape and timing. Cut straight towards the endzone when cutting deep. If the cutter is too deep, or you can’t throw as far as you would need to to complete, throw a pump fake telling the cutter to come under. When coming under cut at 45 degrees.

    Change the force as the drill progresses. Start with a line force (different depending on which stack you are in) and progress to a straight up mark.

    If you are cutting deep (position 1 or 4) you become active when the rest cut (Player A or B, respectively) starts moving. Drift in towards position 3 and then strike deep. This reduces the distance the deep throw has to cover AND gives the the thrower more space to run into.

    Plant your foot and bust deep as the reset cut catches the disc. By the time they have stopped, established a pivot and assessed where they need to throw to you will be plenty deep enough to reel in their throw.

    If the cutter is too deep, pump a fake communicating with them to cut under at 45 degrees.

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