Throwing in Pairs by Caroline Ma and Dominick Smyth


Throwing and catching to practice technique and expand range.

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Participants stand 10m apart. One disc for each pair. Start with picture facing up, tight grip on disc and snap wrist to make disc spin.


A throws to B, B throws to A.

Step 1

Image of Throwing in Pairs
  • Free throwing with minimal instruction.


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Initially encourage participants to "give their partner a chance to catch". Throws do not have to be perfect.

    As experience builds, push greater accuracy and consistency.

    Soft throws are easier to control and less scary to try catch.

    Setup and instructions are intended to introduce GSWAP.

    To focus more on catching skills, try having the catching player turn their back to start with. The thrower should then shout "Up!" when they throw, and the challenge is for the receiver to turn and make the catch with less time to react. This is often called "Buzz drill" in the UK.

  • Caroline Ma says:

    This same set up can be used for all manor of throwing exercises and development.

    To increase a throwers distance, have participants set up at 10% further than their normal maximum distance. While this may be frustrating at first, encourage everyone to provide themselves feedback with how to improve. It is likely due to a correction in angle, tilt or a tighter grip.

    As participants develop control of the disc angle and flight, introduce trunk rotation and front leg balance. Encourage them to load the front leg increase the amount, and speed, of twist in the body.

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