Throw to a deep cutting receiver by Lloyd Cheesman


Your ability to weight the throw will be tested by throwing to a receiver

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  • Lloyd Cheesman says:

    Your receiver should not start level with the disc. Have them start already 10-15m downfield. If you are throwing too far, get the receiver to start further away, throw later, or reign in the throw a little. If the receiver is waiting under the disc, throw earlier, further, or get the receiver to start closer to you. Use this process as feedback to understand how to weight your throw according to the receiver's position.

    Get your receiver to run at game pace, otherwise you won't be able to tweak your throwing

    Add in an around fake first to challenge your balance

    To speed this session up, and to practice throwing when tired, jog towards the receiver after each throw, then have them throw to you running away back to your original position. Repeat this process.

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