Team Triangle Cutting by Brummie


The idea here is to get three or more cutters working together, all running the Triangle Cutting patterns, to provide lots of options to throw to in a short space of time.

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You can alter the positioning to match a variety of offensive schemes. All you need is three cutters and a single thrower.


D1 > A > D2 > B > D3 > C > D4 > E

Step 1

Image of Team Triangle Cutting
  • Initial set up


  • Brummie says:

    The first cut needs to go very early, so start cutting before the disc is checked in if possible

    It's vital that the cutters all check in with the thrower by looking back, as seen in Timing Up & Unders

    Remember that the cutter behind you in the chain is waiting on you, so be decisive. Don't slow down, just run each movement and let the thrower decide what they want to hit.

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