Team Defensive Schemes by Beau Kittredge and Mish Phillips


Try these different defensive priorities to change the defensive pressures that your opponent experiences, or as a way to take away their favourite method of moving the disc

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Set up for a game, with offence doing whatever they want and the defence playing person-to-person defence following the scheme described.



Step 1

Image of Team Defensive Schemes
  • Scheme 1:
  • 1. Open Side
  • 2. Deep
  • 3. Break Side
  • This is probably the most effective and common defence. Preventing the open side under throw is vital otherwise your opponent will just take easy throws all the way downfield.
  • Downfield, you should position your body between your offender and the disc to prevent them coming under, but facing them so you are able to instantly run deep and contest deep throws.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Beau Kittredge says:

    Keep track of how you’re generating turnovers - as well as how you’re being scored on. If you’re adopting Scheme 1 and the other team keeps getting open underneath, then your players aren’t respecting the scheme. Likewise if you’re getting beaten deep in Scheme 2

  • Mish Phillips says:

    Mainly teams run Scheme 1 badly because they get more scared of the deep threat and individuals go to Scheme 2; a good example which shows that no scheme is effective unless all players buy in totally. Encourage your team to understand that it’s ok to get beaten by priority 3; in fact, you’re encouraging it.

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