Swinging vs Zone by Brummie


Use this drill to practice getting your cup positioning right, and how to get out of trap situations

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Three handlers, A, B and C, are spread across the field. A has the disc on the sideline. Three defenders, D1, D2, and D3, set up a cup around the disc. A downfield popper, E, stands in a box 10-15m downfield.


Run the same scenario three times, then switch positions to give everyone chance to play all positions. Then switch offence with defence.

Step 1

Image of Swinging vs Zone
  • This is a game scenario, so once the disc is checked in, any movements are possible.
  • The objective for the offence is to get the disc to E.
  • The objective for the defence is to prevent E from getting the disc.

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  • Brummie says:

    Make the drill more difficult by reducing the size of the box, and moving it further downfield.

    On offence, try to move the disc quickly, and reposition yourselves to make throws easy.

    The cup's aim is to prevent E getting the disc. Therefore, they should avoid chasing the disc and instead drop into the middle of the field when the disc swings.

    You can easily alter this drill to match your own zone defence; the same concept applies regardless of the number of players in the cup, or if you're using an arrowhead or other formation.

    Feel free to add your own rules; maybe ban (or force!) overheads, add in another defender, etc.

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